Sasha Grey arrived to Vladivostok. Here, welcomed!
15.05.2013 | 1805 просмотров

Sasha Grey arrived to Vladivostok. Here, welcomed!

Yesterday the plane carrying Sasha Grey on board landed in Vladivostok International Airport. Started in late April the Internet story got its real life offline. Sasha arrived to see Russia and together with go for a ride in Lada Kalina.

The minute she left the plane the first part of her RussianTrip had begun: checking in a hotel and a brief meeting at office. That's what the first blog post is all about. Well... and not only about that ;-)



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What is it?

We tweeted: "Hey, Sasha Grey! How are you? We like you, come, and we'll show You all Russia." And she happened to agree!

That's how the story started about Sasha's Grey car run across Russia, which the blog is devoted to. Sasha accepted our invitation, and we promised to show her our beautiful country. The plan has been scheduled for several city visits, cultural sightseeings and entertainments.

Sasha's traveling across Russia will be covered on-line in this blog.

Sasha Grey in Russia on
Sasha Grey in Russia on Instagram #SashaDrom #СашаДром

Sasha Grey in RussiaRussian version.

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